January 16th, 2006
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I Wish I Was Making This Up


But, this honestly occurred one day during my job (not saying when). Heavily edited to avoid any possible libel.

Rhys: Good morning you’re speaking to Rhys, how may I help you?

MrsX: Hi can I check details on an account?

Rhys: Sure, can I take the number?

MrsX: Yes, it’s 1234567890 (obviously not the number)

Rhys: And your name?

MrsX: Mrs X

Rhys: Erm….I’m afraid this account is in the name of a Mr X.

MrsX: Yeah, he’s my husband.

Rhys: Well we’ll need to speak to him first.

MrsX: What? Surely you can speak to me!

Rhys: We can’t I’m afraid. We need to speak to your husband.

MrsX: Well he’s not in…..

[knocking heard and door slamming]

MrsX: No wait, he’s just come in, let me get him.

[More rustling, slightly deeper yet feminine familiar voice heard]

MrX: Hello, this is MrX! I believe you wanted to speak to me about my account.

Rhys: [Trying hard not to laugh] Err….yes. Can I do a few data protection checks?

MrX: No, why should I? You’re denying me access to my account! Good Day!

It’s sad to think that MrsX is probably on more money than me at the moment.

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