Last night, for the first time in nearly a year, me, Tom and Guy (my housemates) headed to Rawhide. Admittedly, it was a last minute thing, as I said I wanted to go as I had a bad day in work. It was only a fiver, and though the price of beer meant that I didn’t really get wasted, I was drunk. Drunk, on comedy!

To be honest, it was more light laughter than laugh out loud funny. Us three find different things funny, with Tom prefering clever humour, Guy preferring southern humour and me…well….I could find the funny side of a fire in a children’s cancer ward. What I’m trying to say is that, with four comedians, there’s was a chance that we’d each find one funny (which is good), but there’s a chance that we’d not find a comedian that we all liked (which was bad).

That was not the case with the third act.

It was a new guy, who’s name escapes me (it was something like Andrew Morris) who was absolutely hilarious. He was a ginner (a bonus), had a funny voice (also a bonus) and played a guitar (bonus city), I had to lean on Tom at one time as my sides were hurting, tears were streaming down my face and was laughing myself hoarse.

We almost didn’t make it though, as nobody blooming told us it was at The Royal Court. Rawhide has a habit of moving around the place, as I’ve seen it at 4 different venues (University, Rawhide Club, The Royal Court and Bar Celona). We ran around all four, finishing off at the Royal Court at around 7:50. Thank god the show started late.

All in all, a good night was had by all. Couldn’t afford it every week, but it was a nice little treat.

In other news, anybody know what’s happening with the Bloggies? Should of been announced today, and I’ve heard nothing.

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