January 12th, 2006
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Lets. Play. Darts.


Afternoon everybody, hope everyone is okay.

A couple of days ago, after my housemates had finished their exams, we decided to go out and celebrate with a few drinks in the pub. It starts like most nights do, with a few darts in our local. I don’t know why, but recently we’re playing a ton of darts (probably due to the fact it’s on the television at the moment), and I’m getting quite good (why, only last night I won the title of “Daily House Champion at Accumulative Killer Darts*”). We have a bet now that the first person to throw a 180 (which, now that we’re scoring at times usually between 40-100) gets three pints. Anyway, the reason why I seem to get better now is because I was told “you’re more accurate if you flick your wrists”, a lesson in life if ever I heard one.

I played darts again last night, but only stayed for an hour or so, as I was fantastically hungover. I sat down to watch Hyperdrive, and am now considering sueing the BBC for the half hour I wasted. Seriously. It was billed as “the new Red Dwarf”, it’s more akin to “The Bastard Child of My Family, 2 Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps and that rubbish Doctors comedy, set in space, written by gray tadpoles.”. Seriously, do not watch it, it’s as funny as leprosy.

My Civilization 4 patch (despite a rest of it in the last couple of days) is going well. I stole a lot of text off Wikipedia for the Civilopedia entries, and the town names, unique units (gone for miners, no hill movement movement costs and -50% build time). Only a few of the graphics need to be put in, and it’s ready to go.

Finally, Wonderful Electric has added me as a friend on my frappr map, which is wierd, as I didn’t know I had one. I probably got one when I joined Ally’s map. Either way, it’s there, so you may join, and make me seem popular.

*Accumulative Killer Darts is a variation of the game Killer, which I am laying claim to invent. In it, you get three lives and player 1 throws a score. player 2 then has to beat that score or he loses a life. Whatever player 2 throws, player 3 has to beat or he loses a life, and so on. I favour it over regular killer due to the fact that it favours high scorers and is quicker.

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