January 28th, 2006
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Technorati Tag Generator v1.5


A couple of posts ago, a few comments were made in the fact I don’t have a Paypal button on my blog. I’ve waned to the public pressure of them giving me money, and included one. It’s half way down, under the “Give Me Stuff” banner. If you are rich, and like my Technorati Tag Generator, you may give me money. I’ll try not to feel guilty accepting it.

Speaking of Technorati Tag Generator, I’ve updated it to version 1.5. John from Freshblog suggested that I make it compatible to a few other systems. So I have.

Behold Technorati Tag Generator v1.5. No huge changes, but it’s now compatible with a multitude of aggregators. For ease, Technorati, Del.icio.us, Blinklist and Flickr are listed as shortcuts.

Click Here To Download (1 Meg)

Comments, queries and suggestions are all welcomed.

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