January 18th, 2006
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The Simpsons Maker


You know when you have a good idea nicked from you?

Ever since the South Park character creator, I have been contemplating – nay – plotting a way to make one that does similar with The Simpsons, and – unfortuantely – somebody beat me to it.

I should also mention at this time that – currently residing at home – I have a picture of four of my mates drawn as Simpsons characters – which is so much cooler than this. Nevertheless, here’s my best attempt at making me as a Simpson Character (by best attempt, read “at 12:30, half drunk”.)

I went for the beer, and – whilst I don’t like the shirt – I prefer it to the belly. I think I look like a grown up Rod/Todd Flanders though.

In other news, now that it’s after the “two day cycle” it takes for news to pass across the internet, Technorati Tag Generator has been well recieved, with it appearing on the front page of Del.icio.us for ages, which was nice. I had an email (well, 3) from Merrick giving me all sorts of pointers to my program. As such, I have taken most of them on board and released TTG version 1.2! It’s very similar, but it’s got a funky new icon, a help file, and the code has been cleaned up a fair whack. Again, feedback is most appreciated.

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