January 2nd, 2006
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Third Time’s a Charm


The Bloggies are back! For the past two years I have been nomiated for the “Best Tagline” Category, and crashed miserably to much better opposition. This year, I hope to be nominated, and have also nominated. Here are a list of the categories and blogs I’ve gone for. It’s by no means complete, as I don’t read many middle eastern blogs. Also, I’ve given nods to blogs which I like, as opposed to famous ones.

Best Application For Weblogs

W.Bloggar: Every year I vote for this, and it never even gets nominated. It’s a fantastic editor that everybody should use.

Best Australian/New Zealand Weblog

Neurofern.net: Think this counts as an Aussie Blog, as she practically lives there. But it’s great.

E-Blog: Well I couldn’t show favourtism, could I?

Best Asian Weblog

Icciv’s notes in Japan: Again, like Fern, voted because she’s there. And it’s a good read.

Random Thoughts of a Disenchanting Mind: Came across this blog via blog explosion, and I like it. Probably because he’s a Man Utd and WWE fanboy, like yours truly.

Best British/Irish Weblog

Ducking For Apples: Ally sprung up in my comments over the past year, and she has a fantastic blog with tons of readers. Would go into the best kept secret category if she had fewer readers. Nevertheless, it’s a brillaint website, and she’s a mighty fine ebayer too.

Diamond Geezer: A blog that I’ve been reading regularly, but only recently linked. How he keeps coming up with daily posts is beyond me. I try my best to post daily, and cannot manage it.

Confuzzlement of a Sazzle: Sarah’s been blogging regularly this year, and in my opinion it’s worth a nod here.

Best American Weblog

Today’s Five Things etc.: One blog that I’ve actually started reading religiously, despite linking for ages. Been missing out!

Uptonia.com: A blog that started up again this year after a short absence, I for one am glad she did.

Perfectly Flawed: Another blogger from my dim and distant past who’s started up again. (Christ, who’s next? “Whatever I Say” Katie? I’m hoping so!). But I digress, Merrick’s blog is brilliant.

Best Tagline On A Blog

The Gospel According To Rhys – “A self depreciating blog, just not a very good one.”: Please. Third time around.

Best Food Blog

Burning Down The House: Admittedly, the only food blog I know, but surely the fact they have numerous posts named “Best Sandwich Ever” surely means they’re collectively breaking the boundary for culinary delights.

Best Kept-Secret

Blackpool Or Bust: Some of the most intelligent writing is on this blog. As well as a large usage of the word ‘cunts’.

Best New Weblog

Rachel In North London: Found her through Ally. She started blogging after the London Bombs, and has briliant writing on it.

Well they are my nods. I mean, some of them are long time readers and friends, a few are not. But, in the past 12 months, I’ve enjoyed the blogs above the most. If you decide to vote for me, that will be nice. Of course, I’m not going to get my boobs out or anything if you do. Just that it would be nice.

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