January 23rd, 2006
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Unlike the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter


The Bloggies have been announced, be it a couple of days late, and – for the first time in two years, I’m not amongst them.

To be honest, I’m not suprised. It was more luck than anything else for the past two years, and my tagline this year has been rubbish (note to budding tagline writers: Include a year, it makes it funnier as – to be honest – this year’s taglines aren’t up to previous years).

That may not sound too sportsmanlike, and it probably isn’t. But I’m actually not bitter or anything. Good reason too. And here’s why.

Behold my stats for this month. See that 603110? That was 401560 last Sunday, when Technorati Tag Generator came out. Due to the fantastic amount of people who love it (a big thank you to all of you), it’s completely destroyed my bandwidth for this month – which has a limit of 1000000 – and, whilst I’m nowhere near the limit now, given the fact that when the bloggies were last year I had 3000 visits in a week, and if the majority of those downloaded Technorati Tag Generator, then I would of probably owed 123-reg a lot of money, and of been unable to pay it as I’m skint at the moment, they would of left a horse’s head on my pillow and come around and break my thumbs. So I’m kinda happy.

But – as new father Jonny Billericay said on my post, “Nobody I voted for is up”. It’s not technically true for me, as Diamond Geezer is up for best british blog (which is well deserved – and vote for him or I’ll cry), but I honestly thought Neurofern was a shoe in for a nomination, what with her posts from the ‘I don’t mind talking about rude stuff’ school of blogging, and also I expected Ally to be there as well, as her blog is brilliant, and should be on every blogroll in the history of the world.

Right, I probably will be unable to blog for the next few days. Wednesday I’m going to St. Helens to be locked up in a hotel for an interview. I’m so nervous as this could lead to a job that could affect the rest of my life (hopefully for the better). Wish me luck!

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