February 13th, 2006
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Billy Conelly, can you hear me?


Morning everybody. First, here’s some good news…..

After last week’s painful defeat to the English, Wales bounce back in the 6 nations, beating Scotland 28 points to 18, though it should of been more (one of Scotland’s penalties began with a forward pass, and if we weren’t so ambitious in the last minute, we wouldn’t of conceded a try). Either way, we’ve banished the demons of last weekend. Bring on the Irish!

The weekend was – by and large – fun. Nothing major happened as Saturday was spent playing drinking games, which I was rubbish at. But that, the rugby, the start of the Winter Olympics (which I believe that should a country have less than 10 members in the team, they should be banded as “Miscellaneous”, making the ceremony a lot quicker), and a hell of a lot of sleep meant, whilst a nice weekend, it was fairly uneventful.

Inbetween these moments I spent most of my time trying to improve my Myspace Profile, which is a nightmare, as – me being stubborn – I’m doing it the hardcore way using notepad. Myspace has probably the world’s most difficult CSS to understand! As you can see, for some reason the right column has no borders but the left one does. Why? I don’t know. Any assistance would be greatfully recieved from all you myspace people.

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