February 3rd, 2006
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Build Me Up, Only To Break Me Down



I love the fact though, that Thunderbird thinks it’s junk mail. Thunderbird has a filtration system that’s not well known that says “oooh, we think this news isn’t suitable for you when you’ve just had an amazing night in the comedy club”. Plus I’d be lying if I said I that the excitement that my feed reached 7 visitors didn’t overact the fact that I got rejected.*

But I digress…..

In all seriousness, I wish I found out this morning. Would of made more effort for the interview this afternoon. Think I did okay, but not sure what they’re looking for. They certainly seemed interested in me.

Either way, I’m drunk and need sleep. Speak to you all soon. SEND SYMPATHY MY WAY DAMMIT!!!!

In other news, buy the telegraph. Chance that I’ll be in it. I’ll explain all tomorrow.

* I lie, it’s been sitting in my junk mail box for the last week. It’s only when I’m drunk that I bother to check it.

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