February 8th, 2006
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I’m Thinkin That I’m Lazy


Although two of my regular readers would probably refuse to read me again with this statement, but nearly all my shopping is done in supermarkets. I just think that it’s easy, and conveinient.

Although, recently, I think it’s too easy.

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick, and trying to vary my basic “chicken and chips” diet with…errr….”chicken and potatoes”. To be honest, it’s not that I’m morbidly obese or want to look good in a bikini in the summer, it’s largely due to the fact that my housemates were getting sick of my constant flatulence. So much so that farting – which was a badge of honour in the house – had become unbearable. A few lifestyle changes (such as brown bread and Fruit and Fibre) have curtailed the problem and Guy has taken over the title he’s held for the past 3 years as “The Smelliest Arse in the house”. He’s also a Chelsea fan.

Anyway, I digress. One of the factors for the new “Make Rhys smell less diet” is “varied diet”. So, out the window goes the “ham salad” sarnies for work 5 times a week and the staple sandwich of the Manchester United fan: Prawn Sadwiches. It was kind of a whim thing, as I saw the following product on sale in Asda.*

I’m not having a go at Asda, as I presume it’s not the only chain guilty of this. But seriously, £1.08 for prawn mayo spread? I wouldn’t mind, but I have made a grand total of 3 sandwiches from it! You could buy a tub of mayonaise for about £1, a bag of frozen prawns for about £2 and it would make tons of prawn mayo! I think I’ll do that from now on.

I think society as a whole is pretty damn lazy, I’ve never understood buying those pre-washed vegetables from supermarkets, and (although I usually buy pasta and curry sauces) also I rarely buy ready meals. I’m amazed that people I work with think that because I walk to work every day (about 45 minutes) is like scaling mount everest. I dunno, it just strikes me as odd.

That being said, it is pretty damn tasty prawn mayo.

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can give up for lent. Anybody who knows me have any ideas? If anybody says “give up giving up”, I will hunt you down and give you a chinese burn.

* Yes I am aware that the picture’s 90 degrees off. I forgot to rotate it before uploading it. So no smart alec comments please.

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