February 10th, 2006
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It’s Fast, It’s Furious, It’s the Ready Money Round


I read on Scaryduck’s blog a few days ago about him meeting Timmy Mallett. A legend in my books. When I was little, I woke up in earnest every Saturday to watch Wacaday, which introduced us to words such as “Bleaugh!”, “Utterly Brilliant”, “Yo!” and the dreaded shark infested custard.

Anyway, the Duck asked us if we’ve met anybody famous ourselves. Although I have claimed for many many years that I’ve met both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, It’s little more than “meeting” in the sense that 20,000 people “meet” Steven Gerrard at Anfield every week. Amongst the Everton footballers (Duncan Ferguson and Alan Ball) and the endless stream of Hollyoaks characters (including Justin – who I saw in a strip club. Not that I was there, oh no). One person stands atop of the list of famous people I’ve met.

That man, is Roy Walker host of the popular TV Show Catchphrase.

I was 6 and loved game shows (such as The Crystal Maze and Fun House). On one of our regular trips to Llandudno, we stopped by for some food in Marks and Spencers. I was throwing a wobbly at the time because I was dragged out of the Early Learning Centre, which had just opened up across the street.

Then, my mum saw him!

“Look Rhys! It’s Roy Walker! Come on, lets go and meet him!”

Suddenly, I develop the embarrassment that kids normally do when they meet celebrities, dentists or the hairdressers. I stopped crying and put on the breaks, as my mum dragged me over to Roy.

I gave in eventually and co-operated with my mum, after all, I wouldn’t want to show myself up in front of Roy. Luckily my mum did enough for me.

“Oh my goodness, you’re Roy Walker!” My mum said to a bemused Roy, “I love Catchphrase so much, we watch it all the time on Sunday night. This is my son Rhys, who is very good.”

“Ah Rhys…Nice to meet yoy.” Answered a polite, albeit slightly annoyed Roy.

“He does this amazing impression of you! Go on Rhys, say what you say in front of the TV every week…”

Imagine me, 6 years old, wearing a Sonic The Hedgehog T-shirt. Bright red. Both Roy and his missus looked on as I struck up my worst Northern Irish accent.

“Look at Mr. Chips, what is he doin!”

Roy, visiably annoyed, said “That’s Good….that’s….”, and walked off. The rude sod. If the guy was on the ball he would of answered “It’s good, but it’s not right.”, that would of made my day.

I think the only thing that needs to be said is to throw it open to yourselves: have you yourselves met anybody famous? Maybe you are famous and are reading this blog, which would be so cool and would be amazing for this blog (even if you were on Big Brother). So, the celebrities out there, speak up and be heard!

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