February 4th, 2006
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One Door Closes, Another One Opens


So yeah, after that email with said company rejecting me (and saying nothing else – no wonder it went into my junk mail folder. That, and the fact that they tried to sell me viagra), I was a bit gutted. Asking a few people in work on what I should do now, they said email them to try and get feedback, so I did.

Either way, I’m not quite at the stage of camwhoring yet.

In other news, the interview with well known computer giant went very well. They seemed genuinely interested in my thought processes and ideas. Also, I managed to talk about blogging (from a technical standpoint, as opposed to a journalistic standpoint) as they wanted to know an area of technology that interested me – so much whoring of Technorati Tag Generator was done. Also, the psychometric testing went well (though I had a realisation on the loo this morning that I seriously messed up one part of one of the questions. Ah well).

The way they interviewed me was nice too. Instead of a standard interview, they videoed me. Now, I’m sure most of you are thinking “oh my god! I’d just panic!” (except for those of you who are accustomed to being in front of a camera). However it meant that the interviewer didn’t take notes (which is nice that they are making eye contact and not looking down), and we also had a dry run before we began. Said company thought it was the best way to showcase your abilities, I wholeheartedly agree.

Thursday night, I went to Rawhide again, this time with the added bonus of Guy’s not-easily-shocked new girlfriend. Anyway, it was probably the best comedy night I’ve ever been too, as it appealed to my sick, blokey, immature sense of humour. Also heard a song that I just had to download – a hard rock version of the gay anthem Word Up. It was brilliant night had by all, even though I was knackered after it.

I also won on the Euromillions! A family fortunes amount of £7.10, which means that – during the course of the lottery – I’m still in the small percentage of people who has actually made money (£17.10 won off £2.50 – a profit of £14.60). It will pay for the pitcher during “Our B Team” vs. “Scum”. Come on the boyos!

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