February 27th, 2006
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The 4 Million Pound Question


In celebration/comiseration on my 22nd on Saturday, so begins a week long set of posts, showing “You know you’re getting old when…”. Today, it’s “You know you’re getting old when you start thinking about the future.”

One of the regular nights out we have is every Thursday, on that day, we go down to the comedy club and exercise our laughter muscles. We vary each week, between the Rawhide club in Royal Court Liverpool and the Sniggers club in the Guild, because the Sniggers club is cheaper. Last Thursday was the Sniggers club, where we were sat right at the front, which means that we were due to have the mick taken. Me, being a geeky Welshman, was due for the biggest ribbing.

Often the mick take was justified. I am Welsh and I am a geek. I make no bones about it. Though one thing he did say kind of pushed the mark. Basically, he was talking about Charlie from rubbish pop band Busted, who – on his 18th Birthday – got a royalty cheque of £4million from Simon Cowell. He went on to say that Charlie is quite boring by not spending the money on a booze, coke and hooker filled party. He wanted to know what I’d spend that amount of money on, just to see that I wasn’t like “Rock God” Charlie, and would actually blow the money on something completely inappropriate.

“So, Valley’s Man (my name, because I was from Wales), what would you do with 4 million quid?”

“Errr…..buy a house.”

I’m sorry, but that’s what I would do. Maybe I’m getting old, as about 2 years ago I’m sure I would say a golf course or something.

Maybe it’s just me (Charlie put that £4 million towards his pension), but I suppose the (4) Million dollar question is this. What would you spend that money on? Also, give your age (if you don’t want exact year, just say whether your in your teens, 20′s etc). Just want to see if most of my generation are boring old gits, or whether it’s just me.

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