February 25th, 2006
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The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire


I’m always just a ickwle bit scared about blogging about work, as I really don’t want to get fired. Sure, if something funny happens, then I’ll blog about it, but I’m just a bit careful exactly how much I say. However, I think I’m safe blogging about this.

Thursday Morning, approximately 8:50am. 10 Minutes before starting Thursday, which both simultaneously is the best and worst day of the week. Best, because it’s nearly the weekend, worst because it’s just not quite there yet.

I was suprisingly early, due to the fact it was pissing it down and I got the bus instead of walking. I was all set up and ready to go when I heard this.


Such begins the 3 second delay, which is the length of time you need to find out what’s going on, and react to it. What had happened was that the roof started leaking (and by leaking, I’m talking a massive gush of water) above this poor lady. She – god love her – continued on veinly, until she said to a client “sorry, I’ve got to go, I’m soaking wet.”. She was sent home to recover.

Within 10 minutes, a wierd, almost sewerage smell could be smelt in the office which actually made me nausious (yes, it was that, not the 6 or so pints I quaffed the night before. Honest). Thirty minutes later, the builders arrive to knock out the section of the roof to see what the problem was. This cause a huge smell to linger through the office, we were still answering calls at this time, but was unsure exactly what was happening, whether we’d be sent home for health and safety reasons, or not.

In the end, we were told via an email.

“Due to unforseen circumstances, the canteen is unable to serve hot food today.”

Bugger, no short day. What apparently happened was a food outlet pipe burst, so – whilst it smelt revolting – there was no danger to our health.

Still, it’s something to blog about, isn’t it?

In other news: 1 week today my life goes downhill, and I hit 22.

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