February 28th, 2006
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Why Won’t It Snow, Like They Said It Would?


As a self confessed geek, it comes as no suprise that I trust the internet for almost everything; encyclopedia, knowledge, and even basic medical advice. One thing I don’t trust the internet for.

That’s the weather.

I’m sorry, this comes from my day of naive internet user, when I knowingly installed weatherbug and found out it was spyware. Since then, I’ve never trusted the weather or any person who reports the weather. Even my mum, who was due to be a weather lady until she realised she couldn’t move down south.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I loaded up the BBC website and saw this….

“Bullpoo!” I thought. It’s nearly March for Christ sakes! Surely they brought Michael Fish out of retirement to do the weather, as by god, I believed it hasn’t been as misanalysed since the day of The Great Storm of ’87. Whilst I admit that I wasn’t going to work in a t-shirt and shorts. It’s nearly March, and there’s global warming at the moment. It’s not going to snow!

My, how wrong I was.

I know it’s a poo picture, but nevertheless…that’s snow. It’s March! It’s not allowed to snow! Seriously, if I get pneumonia on Saturday, I will not be happy.

I finish on saying two things to different groups of people.

For Mr. Michael Fish MBE, the internet and the bbc. I promise to never doubt you again.

For Freinds of the Earth: Global Warming? My arse.*

* Yes, I’m quite aware that a feature of Global Warming is that freak weather (such as snow in spring) can happen, so I’m just trying to be funny, not an insensitive, ignorant bigot. Don’t flame me, hippies.

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