March 14th, 2006
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Birthday Post #1


Finally, I’ve got my hands on some photos from my birthday Sarah’s been having some PC issues, so her ones are being delayed. They’re the ones with me wasted. Instead, here’s relatively sober Rhys generally making a tit on my 22nd.

Me woken up, after just been presented with my Sheep Thong. It will get a picture on this blog soon. Notice the depresingly limp thumb action. That’s even though I have two FHM posters behind me on my wall.

That’s a better thumb action! Probably because we went for Chinese straight after this photo was taken.

One thing I will say: my mum couldn’t make it up, so instead she put £20 in my account and we went for Chinese “All You Can Eat” buffet. They had a strange policy on children this place, which was “4ft 5inches or under.”. I know a midget, and he takes advantage of that offer.

Unfortunately, I have no picture of said midget. Instead, here’s one of me trying to force feed my brother BBQ ribs.

Guy gave up shaving for lent as he cannot grow a beard. This is him after about a week or so.

Following the Chinese (which I dissappointed myself with, I had a plate of Thai Green Curry that tasted like mouthwash, couldn’t eat anything else after that), we met Sarah and headed to Weatherspoons.

Arguably my favourite picture of me ever. Unfortunately it’s ruined by Tom being all gay and such.

Guy argued that the best taken pictures are ones on a slant. You be the judge of that.

What’s the connection between all the people in this photo? We all have Myspace profiles! All are linked from my super sexy new Myspace profile. Here we are practicing our crazy emo myspace poses.

By this time I was a bit shattered, so I headed off for some kip, to prepare ourselves for the night out. That follows soon.

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