March 15th, 2006
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Birthday Post #2


So after a short kip, watching “Deal or No Deal” (believe me people, this is the greatest gameshow made since Bullseye), shit, shower, shave and shoeshine. I was ready to hit the town, and paint it all manner of shades of red.

We met in the Flute to begin with (l-r: Jen, myself, Rick, Sarah, Tom. Guy took the picture).

After awhile, we were joined by Chris and Karen.

The first birthday drink was a shitmix, the second was this. This was worse than the shitmix, as you can see, Jen can taste the drink, even though only I’m drinking it. It’s telepathically a shitmix.

After much whinging, I got bought a pint of Carling, I was a happy man again, though it was spoilt by the bitter aftertaste of the crap I’ve just drank.

A pic of me and Rick, guess which one’s more sober?

Will soon joined us, and we were plagued once again by Guy’s photographs from the “Lets be cool and do slanted shots” School of Photography.

Guy’s beard did attract some attention though.

At this point, we started taking some more Myspace pictures:

Oh how we laughed.

I’ll be honest, though I hid it well, I was a little bit miserable. I took the advice of Terrorvision’s song: “Oh Tequila, you make me happy”, and headed to Bar Cava, a must if you visit Liverpool. The finest Tequila bar outside of Mexico, bar none. So I had a few tequila’s. I’m not saying how much, but the fact I’m standing and smiling in these next few pictures kind of disproves the “One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor” rhyme.

Again, another nice photo of me……

But this time, we all spoilt it.

After all that, we headed to the Raz. It was cheap! It was nasty! We couldn’t get anywhere else. I can’t remember too much about it, because I was too far gone to even care, but here’s some photos from the Raz.

The next night, we went to the quiz, which I’m only mentioning as I was wearing the coolest T-shirt ever.

Right, I’m done for tonight. You don’t want to miss the next entry (believe me, it’s going to be a goodun. Those who know what I get upto in work: Sarah knows, will know what it’s about.

Right, I’m stopping before I build it up too much, toodles!!!

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