March 29th, 2006
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Curtain Calling


Sorry to all you regular readers as – after the last few days of amazing posts – this is going to be a serious case of blog-pimping. Don’t blame me, blame Tom for going on about his play – which is at it’s last night in Liverpool Guild. The play is “A Flea In Her Ear”, and there’s largely two different schools of thoughts for it: one for men, and one for women.

The women, they will be impressed by the (according to this review as a classic French tale of farce, full of innuendo, intrigues and mistaken identities. It casts a woman as suffering from jealousy, when she thinks that her husband is having an affair, she then spies her husband in over-the-top ways to try and catch him out, with slapstick and cartoon-like results. It was seen be a satire of the feminist movement in early 20th Century France, taken to the extreme.

For the lads, you’d probably see it the same reason I am. I’m going to see it as my housemate has to snog a man.

In other news: Patrick has started a web/blogging game of Cluedo, after his previous success of Oregon Trail. Currently, I’m on a team on my own, as “Rear Admiral Welshman” (I was tempted to call my character name “Sister Fister”, but that’s just too rude). If anybody wants to join my team, leave a comment or post on Patrick’s blog, and I’ll get back to you.

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