March 8th, 2006
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Forgive Me Father, As I Have Sinned


A couple of posts ago, I talked about Lent, and giving up gambling for 40 days and 40 nights.

Well, I’ve failed.

In the worst way possible.

Last weekend was my Birthday, due to somebody sprinkling flour on the floor in Colwyn Bay, the train services ground to a halt, meaning that my mum couldn’t visit me. Instead, she put all of my cards and easily posted presents into the post, and it should of arrived on monday.

Of course, with both my housemates and the Royal Mail being lazy and useless, I had to collect the presents from the Royal Mail centre, which meant I only just got them now.

Amongst the cards was one from my younger brother. He’s 17 years old and is turning into quite a talented fellow, being able to play the drums and is one hell of a photoshopper. He made me a fantastic card, with Bonnie sipping on a can of lager, and looking ever so cute.

His present was well appreciated, £5 and this.

Now, those of you who are aware of my lent promise would know I’ve given up gambling for lent. You will also notice that – if you look closely – the card has been scratched. Due to the fact that Lottery Scratchcard are gambling, I’ve lasted for 8 days lent this year. God/Allah/Buddah/Whoever, I have failed you.

Of course, some of you would think that I’m whinging, and since that I had not purchased the scratchcard, I’m not technically gambling. That’s beside the point. Some of you doubted last year’s efforts. To prove these people wrong, I wanted to do it properly. Therefore I’ve failed you all.

I also was 1 £2,000 figure away from 2 grand. That would of make the pain of failure feel so much better.

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