March 30th, 2006
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Gravity Always Wins


Before I begin, the play was good last night, well worth watching. Full of innuendo and rude words about German people. However, my mate snogging a man was dissappointing. It was kinda like the Britney Spears/Madonna snog from a few years ago at that big awards ceremony. Sure, we all saw the pictures, but if you actually watched the video footage, it was no more than a peck. I was expecting tongues with my mate, knowing that he probably would (even after the play he said he wished “he went for it”), but overall, I’ve kissed the Carling cup with more passion than that kiss last night.

So anyway, onto what is now known as “the incident”. I came home from a hard day’s work (long story short, the products that the company I work for sells was featured on Watchdog for being rubbish, and the program’s presenters encouraged the watchers to ring us up to find out what they can do. Nicky Campbell: I hate you). I walked past a group of chavs carrying planks of wood with nails in the end, and thought “how the hell have we not been attacked in Liverpool?”

I got home and I felt like retracting the last statement. I questioned Tom “What’s happened to the kitchen? And what’s happened to your bookcase?”, I said. He responded with three words: “Come and see.”

I was prepared for the worst. Twenty seconds later I was laughing out loud.

The reason? This video.

It looks set up, doesn’t it? It wasn’t. In fact, Guy and Tom – who have no money between them – we’re crapping themselves as they thought they’d had to replace the window.

Luckily, our landlord didn’t know the whole story, and we were getting double glazing anyway, so that’s being put in soon.

The kitchen is very dark though now, doesn’t help that the lightbulb broke as well.

Still….£250 from You Been Framed will be worth having.

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