March 4th, 2006
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Happy Birthday To Me


Today, at approximately 10:30am, I turn 22. Today should be a celebration, but I really don’t feel like celebrating. Sure, last night was a blast, with my workmates going beyond the call of duty and got me not only a fabulous card, but also a board game I’d daren’t tell my mum about. I’ll be honest, recently I’ve gotten closer and closer to my workmates as friends, they’re great people.

Of course, that was all spoilt last night. When I got this lovely email.

For those of you unaware you can click the above email, it from that job a few weeks ago and basically wishes me a happy birthday, but then says that I was unsuccessful. I have already emailed them back for feedback, as – in my heart of hearts – I cannot believe how. I know it’s good intentions wishing me a happy birthday, but it comes across rubbing salt in the wounds. Anybody else think so? I was lying in bed last night at around 2am, after reading that email, next door being loud and a few other things that wouldn’t normally cause me distress, but have done. I was angry, seething, and I couldn’t sleep.

As far as what to do now, I have no idea. I really do not want to go back to the zoo, as – more than anything else – £4.50 per hour doesn’t seem as much money as it used to. One option is to stay in Liverpool, one is to back to Colwyn Bay. Either way, I am printing out that email and sticking it on my wall. Something about it has made me even more determined to do well, and I really want to prove they have made the biggest mistake of their life (I could become a proof reader, look at the poor grammar in the email).

But, that begins Monday. As of today, I’m getting pissed.

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