March 7th, 2006
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I Wish I Was Making This Up……


In my last entry I talked about recieving a very personal email about a very impersonal situation. Now, would you fucking adam and eve it, tonight I’ve recieved the exact opposite.

Regular readers would know that little over two weeks ago, me and Ian went speed dating. It went well, and we weren’t expecting much back. I managed – by hook or crook – to get two responses. One has developed into a wierd kind of MSN relationship, the other filtered out, and I hadn’t heard anything from her. Until tonight.

“Hey Rhys,Just to let you know i now have a boyfriend (whome i did not meet speed dating!!) So i will not be looking for a romantic relationship with you, but i do know all the people i put a yes to on the speed dating were thoroughly nice people and i’d love to hang out with them as mates.

If you still want to meet up for drinks let me know, if not then i understand.”

Don’t believe me? Have a screenshot.

Now, you may notice that I gave my hotmail account, not my gospelrhys one. There was a very good reason, if speed dating did go belly up, I am allowed to mock them. And such a case is now. I’ll be brutally honest, I expected fuck all to come from it, so two people who matched me, plus one who still kinda speaks to me at the moment, it’s not a failure, it’s a success! She made it quite clear that she didn’t want a relationship, and that’s fine. I just find the said e-mail amusing, as it so blantantly looks carbon copied.

Anyway, I went to the comedy club tonight. Was amusing for the most part (as it was the last one to be held on a Monday). As such, we were treated two 4 relatively funny acts, 4 relatively funny acts, 2 rubbish acts and a guy in a spider man’s costume, who’s routine involved setting a dildo on “speed wank” (I’ll be honest, my knowledge of dildo settings is a bit poor) and dropping it into a pepsi max bottle. He was shit.

A write up of what I can remember of the weekend’s events will be done once Sarah gets her arse in gear and sends me photos. All I can say is that Tequila was drank.

That is all.

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