March 27th, 2006
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Keep An Eye On Me


I think I’m being watched.

According to the Metro, 75 days a year are lost by workers surfing the net. One of the sites which I do surf in work during quiet periods and break times is this site (which is featured for a second straight week on Metro’s front page: all newbies from that site, weclome! And download Techorati Tag Generator, and your life will be better), all was good, all was fine and all was dandy until last week.

I mentioned on Friday that work have blocked my website. Basically, websites are classed into 3 different groups: “red”: which are dodgy sites not allowed at all, “yellow”: websites which you probably shouldn’t be on, things like “sport”, “entertainment” and the like (you have a daily allowance of 30 minutes outside of break periods to go on these sites). The final lot are “green”: which you are allowed on all the time, providing it’s not too much.

Last week, this very site went from a “green” site to a “yellow” site. Needless to say, I was pissed, as this site I visit the most in work (largely due to there are some blogs I’d daren’t go on in work: Fern I’m looking at your general direction). However, I was kinda chuffed by being blocked, for a simple reason.

I was filed under “Entertainment”.

Now, I know nobody in the IS Department, so they probably had no idea I worked for the same company as them, but by god I had a bit of a spring in my step day. I’m chuffed if at least one of you find this blog entertaining, but to be blocked because you’re entertaining? Man, that’s special. I feel like one of those sites that are blocked in china. I feel like the Dalai Fucking Lama.

However, the spring has been replaced with lead weights.

My this site has been reclassified.

As an “Alternative Journal”.

Alternative chuffing journal? Is this website black on red? Do I post entire Radiohead songs on here? Do I have a DHTML clock surrounding my cursor? No! For christ sakes, even my Myspace profile is bright, welcoming and professional (well, I’d like to think so, largely as my attempt at myspace posing is crap, see right). I’m not a freaking Alternative Journal, as those on the whole are pants: “Ooh, I saw Casey today, he’s sooooo hawt! I wish I could sleep with him, though I’m 12!!! LOLOL!!!! Linkin Park, man, I feel those lyrics. All this anger” etc. etc.

Maybe my journal is alternative, alternative to crap that is!

So, Mr. IS Department Guy, whoever you may be, please change it back to “Entertainment”, as I know you read this site. Cheers.

In other news: My mum hasn’t seen that last post, and I’m debating whether to email it to her (don’t want to appear like an overly mushy son, I have a reputation to uphold). Any thoughts?

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