March 31st, 2006
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The Inquisitor


I have had countless e-mails and comments from the last post. The question is practically all the same: “Why was the bookcase being thrown out of the window?” and “Why were we filming it?”. The answers are simple. It was easier dropping it out the window and dismantling it that way and we were filming it because we knew it was going to make a nice explosion. We’re blokes, we do things that way. Case closed.

Right, onto today’s post: “The Inquisitor”. Firstly, let me set the scene. For years I have always been told “always shut down your PC, or you could lose stuff.”. Recently, I’ve been lazy shutting down the PC at home, and last night I finally paid for it.

All my bookmarks got deleted.

And even though I’ve included it in Technorati Tag Generator, I don’t have a account. Meaning every single bookmark I have I cannot transport. So I’m going to have to rebuild my bookmark lists.

And I need your help.

Sure, I’ve got the important links (and Myspace) already on there, but what other sites do you think I should include? I’m especially into funny, football, rugby, wrestling and sites with ladies in bikinis, if you can help you with them, then that’s great.

However, I expect that you’re most likely to help me with my “blogs” folder. You can either suggest a blog, or justify why you’re blog should be in my daily click list (Don’t worry, I’m a fair juror, even accepting the arguement of “that I’m hot”).

As for the title, it comes from a Red Dwarf (which is the officially the best sitcom in the world ever) episode of the same name. I am the Inquisitor, justify your blog*.

* No, not in the font terminology.

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