March 24th, 2006
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Three Words: Sucks, To, Be (adding a fourth) Me


A disturbing number of blogs now are posting posts where they say they are, in esscence, happy. That’s nice to know, and I’m not one to comment. Myself, I’m a happy chappy, but I don’t think I’ll be joining the fantastic bloggers who post “I’m happy” posts as, well, there are things that – whilst small and insignificant, are driving me mad. So, as a form of Blogtherapy (When you post on your blog something for the sole purpose of making you feel better, you heard that word here first © Rhys Wynne 2006) I’m listing all the things that are driving me insane at the moment.

  1. The occasional realisation that I feel like I’m wasting my life away.
  2. The fact that my blog is now blocked by work (though it is down as listed under the “Entertainment” category. The notion that my blog can be any sort of entertainment has pleased me greatly).
  3. The fact that, even though I think this video is hilarious, nobody else thinks the same. (Except for Vicky). Video link found at Wonderful Electric.
  4. The fact that after Sunday, the amount of sport on the telly will drop considerably, what with the Commonwealth Games coming to an end.
  5. The fact that I’ve put on so much weight, I could almost fill a bra, not a good bra. A bra designed for those girls with rubbish boobs.
  6. The fact that parts of my hair is going grey, whilst half of my hair is going ginger.
  7. The fact that I’ve had no reply from the FA.
  8. The fact that Radiohead are not playing in Manchester on their European Tour.
  9. The fact that, when my mum was 22, she met my dad.
  10. And – most disturbingly – the fact I’ve started developing an interest in investing money, whilst losing my ability to deal with hangovers effectively. This means one thing: I’m slowly turning into my dad.

If all the above were to right themselves, and Lucy Pinder would be my bride, then my life would be peachy.

It’s not all bad though, I have recovered from that Technorati slump and am almost in the humourous 69,000′s. Thanks largely to a few blogs who have started using Technorati Tag Generator (which, suprisingly, not all of them are dirty sites). With Fern offering to ride my coat tales to stardom my coming up with some sort of ilicit “kiss and tell” (without the kiss) blogging story to the tabloids, coupled with the fact that Will said that I have groupies, the silent majority who read but don’t comment (show yourselves people!). I think I can still get my Wikipedia article yet.

That is all.

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