April 17th, 2006
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A Rhys is Blogging at the Speed of Sound


The easter weekend is supposed to be about “Resting and Reflecting”, not me. Oh no. I’ve been going full tilt – I need to go back to work to get a break! I had an email last night though, first time I receieved advice about blogging. Their advice: stop blogging!

Well, not exactly. They were due back in work tomorrow, and didn’t keep up with my website. So, I’ve decided to agree with his demands – I can’t help it if people have better things to do than read my website – and this post is going to be a “rest and reflect” post, a look back over the blog posts of the last weekend.

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men (Thursday, April 13th): I try and launch a web game, free webhosting with PHP says “No!”. I need assistance.

Good Friday! (Friday, April 14th): Two days to go before I finish lent, and I have no urge to gamble.

Paradroidia (Saturday, April 15th): Me – “Play paradroid project, it rules!”. Housemate Tom – “This game sucks donkey dick”.

I Made It (Saturday, April 16th): I lasted 40 days, 40 nights and 51 minutes without gambling, and I’ve an oompah loompah to blame.

Trust me, this is not an attempt to fob you off with old content, as not a lot of people read the above posts (my stats were rock bottom for the weekend), and not because I can’t think of anything interesting to say. Oh no. So, to appease those who have read those posts, here’s a few snippets of information.

  • This link sparked discussion on the ten pin bowling messageboard. The query? Which gender has the most efficient form of masturbation, Men, or women? It wouldn’t be hard to work out, as I managed a basic proof on the messageboard. However, I need to know the total internal resistance of a vibrartor. Anybody got that figure to hand? Or got a rabbit they don’t mind me taking a hammer to?*
  • I think I’ve knackered my back in good and proper. Occasionally I do get lower back pain, but this is bad, as my left leg has become very twitchy. I don’t want to go to the doctors just yet over it, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. Anybody had similar problems and what they did to fix it?
  • Finally, I’ve decided to do a caption competition. No reason, except to try and incourage interaction between this site and you, our 100 million viewers. Pictures if and when I can be arsed, and this is #1, taken from a story on UK Resistance about the new Lara Croft model, who – for resons unbeknowst to myself – is wearing a Geri Halliwell-esque top. What is she looking that that’s causing her eyes to bulge out of her sockets?
  • Points will be deducted if you make references to genatalia. It’s just too obvious.

    * No. I’m not going to take a hammer to a real life rabbit. I’m talking about a dildo with the same name.

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