April 13th, 2006
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Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men


For the past 3 weeks I’ve been making a little web game, which was launched last night. I went to bed happy: it was working, and was well recieved by B3ta. However, disaster this morning. The server it was on messed up, and I was gameless.

Now, it’s a web game, and needs both PHP and MySQL, both of which messed up on this server. Now, I didn’t pay for this server, so it really wasn’t unexpected, so I’m not miffed.

Nevertheless, in order to get my game online, I’ve created a list of ways of obtaining a MySQL Database, starting with the most wanted to do down to the least wanted to do.

  1. Anybody know some free webhosting that comes with MySQL and PHP?
  2. Anybody know a good cheap hosting with PHP/MySQL?
  3. Anybody got a spare PHP/MySQL database knocking around?

I don’t mean to nag, but I’ve spent ages trying to get this online, and seems a shame to waste my hard work.

Thanks in advance.

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