April 2nd, 2006
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Oh How We Laughed


Normal service is resumed on this site after yesterday’s “incident”.

Click here to read the “bulletin”, if you missed it.

Was quite impressed how well it was recieved, with a certain one of my friends (mentioning no names, but linking to his myspace profile) being honest to god confused. He is one of the brightest people I know, and is doing a masters in Maths in Bath. He came online last night and said “Why do I go to the BBC website when I click your link?”. I was a happy man.

One question a lot of people asked me (including my housemates) was how long it took me? Not that long, actually, around half hour or so. Made you all chuckle, and was well recieved. Even if Fern’s post has the biggest blatant lie in the world on it.

Plus, ‘”He’s sold out,” said Sarah Waling, 23, ex-girlfriend of Rhys, blogger at “Confuzzlement of a Sazzle”, and full on lezza.’ is the best sentance ever written, in the world, ever.

In other news, it’s my mum’s *0th birthday today, and we’re off to the Pen-Y-Bryn (where I had my “conference”). Not sure if I’ll drink, but I may do. Think I may drink some bitter today. Something about having half a bitter in a pub on a sunday at the start of April seems so…..civilized.

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