April 18th, 2006
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One Foot In The Bay


One reason I hate Broadway is it’s overly strict, particularly with what you wear. No whitewashed jeans, no tracksuits and no trainers. Even though it’s designed “to keep trouble away”, it never does, as – suprise suprise – chavs can buy shirts.

The only people it really affects are people like me: home for a weekend on a night out. As such, my back-pain inducing bag is exceptionally heavy because I have a pair of shoes, which I think is rather unessecary to bring home. Only one place wants them: Broadway.

Needless to say, it’s a pain, but I didn’t really mind. I only have one pair of shoes, which is used for all purposes: work, posh dos, weddings and crap clubs with rubbish music all get the same “Burtons £20 jobby” shoes. Of course, weddings and posh dos get the polish treatment (that polish as in “pol-ish”, not “pole-ish”. I don’t get someone like….Jerzy Dudek on my shoes or something). So if I need them, I bring them with me, but generally my trainers do.

Anyway, I took them back home for the weekend, wore them, and packed them away. I am a pretty rubbish – last minute packer, and I put off unpacking as long as possible.

Both these came back to bite me in the bum this morning.

My morning is a rush, and I hadn’t unpacked. So I reached into my bag to grab my work clothes. Shirt? Check. Trousers? Check. Tie? Check. Shoe? Check. Other shoe?

Oh fuck.

Oh shittyshittyfuckfuck.

I am prone to shoe related accidents. People who knew me in year 9 will know the time when I came into school in odd shoes. Luckily, they were both black shoes, just different designs. This time, I can wear a black shoe and a white trainer. Not good.

Plan B managed to hatch itself: I have the same shoe size as Tom (which disproves the whole “Big Shoes…” theory, as my member is so much bigger than his), and he had a pair of shoes in his room, which he left over the holiday. A quick text to him, explaining the situation, (so therefore if he doesn’t approve, it’s not my fault. It’s his fault for not waking up) and shoes on and into work.

Still, over the weekend I will have to look for shoes, and cheap ones. Can’t afford £50-£60 on a pair of shoes, anywhere you know where you can get a pair of shoes for cheap? My other shoe is probably still at home, so it’s a temporary pair.

In other news – Thanks for all your concern regarding my back. It seems to have subsised a lot overnight (I can still feel it, but the twitchiness has stopped, and it’s not really hurting me). I’ll give it a week or so. Nevertheless, thanks for all your concern, and Ally, I may get back to you regarding that place in Upton.

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