April 28th, 2006
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Pokerstars Freeplay Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament LiveBlogging


I’ve decided, as I’ve completed all my jobs for today, I’ve decided to do a spot of Liveblogging. Liveblogging involves blogging about a current event as it happens, so check back throughout the day to see an update. The event is nothing hugely significant, but I’d thought it’d be fun. It’s the Pokerstars.com Daily Freeplay Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament, due to start at around 1:30pm GMT.

Now, at the moment, it is just me, but if you’re bored, and want to enter this tournament (or will be anyway), let me know (either in the comments or by emailing me, and I’ll track your progress on this site.

Hopefully we’ll get a good bunch of us playing, though I can see it only just being me.

12:07pm – One and a half hours before the tournament’s due to begin, and I’ve managed to rope Guy in to do this tourney too. His progress will also be followed. He thinks I’m too eager. I don’t give ones.

12:19pm – We go international as Fern is joining. Also, Dan is a possibility.

12:21pm – Other housemate Tom has also joined, meaning there’s 4 definites and 1 possibilities. Probably going to have trouble keeping up, but nevertheless, I’ll do my best. Also, I feel that I need to beat Tom. Everybody else I really don’t care about, but I feel that I can beat Tom. If I finish above him, I’ll be happy.

12:35pm – Another possibility is Sibs. He’ll see what he’s upto but it’s a possibility. Also stole some CSS from Fern so that I can display cards. Hence me testing it:

T♥ K♣

Lets see if it works…

12:47pm – Three more people have joined: Zandr, Dan’s become a definite and Chris. Also got the card’s to work, lets see if they work inline A♦ 6â™ 

12:52pm – Registration has opened, but Sibs has dropped out. Nevermind.

13:04pm – I hate to make predictions, but the wooden spoon will probably go to Zandr, who has “never played before”.

13:28pm – Seats taken, here are the current tables for various people:-

  • Me (rhyswynne): Table 1
  • Zandr (Dr.Fitzivich): Table 114
  • Guy (gmcgechan): Table 37
  • Fern (neurofern): Table 164
  • Dan (thewatcherau): Table 131
  • 13:31pm – Tom’s already out. I win the moral victory. Decided “it would be fun” to go all in. Had 2 Kings, lost on Triple Aces. He’s eliminated in 2122 place

    13:36pm- A♥ A♣ for me, some idiot goes all in, folded. Would of lost to a flush. Left me pretty short stacked with 880 chips.

    13:41pm – Zandr goes all in with a pair of 9′s, loses to a pair of K’s, he’s eliminated in 1646th place.

    13:46pm – Had a gutshot straight draw, but the bet was too high, so folded. Not looking good!

    13:49pm- All in with Q♠ Q&hearts, up against 9♠ 9♦ and A&diams T♠. The queens hold out, up to a healthy stack of chips now.

    13:56pm- Guy’s getting annoyed, as he keeps folding hands he should bet on. Also Fern’s moved to table 5.

    13:59pm – Dan’s gone out in 1155th place, after a couple of bad rounds. More on Fern’s blog.

    14:06pm- Win a nice 1000+ pot with two pairs: Kings and 7′s. Almost in the 3000+ chips mark.

    14:09pm- Into the top 1000 people left. There is an enormous sense of satisfaction, as I haven’t been playing well recently. Most other people would think it’s a bit odd, but nevermind.

    14:10pm- First time I’ve been in a position to bully somebody out of a pot, and it worked! Another 600 odd chips puts me in 345th place.

    14:15pm- Got 2 Pair: Aces and 5, wasn’t paying attention, lose to a flush, down to about 2300 in chips.

    14:18pm- Fern’s gone out in 855th place.

    14:30pm- Made the first break, woohoo! Never made it to the break before, so happy I have done now. Sitting in around 430th place, with 2270 chips. Recovered from that flush draw with a pair of aces, but still am a little bit lower than I’d like to be. Guy’s still in too, with 1660 chips. Neither of us can see ourselves in this much longer.

    14:37pm – First hand back after the break, I have Q♣ Q♥, lose to A♣ A♦. Down to 520 chips.

    14:42pm- Went all in with a Q♠ J♦, against a J♣ T♦ off. They hold out. I double up to over 1265 in chips.

    14:45pm – Both me and guy survive by the skin of our teeth. Went all in and split a straight on the river (A♥ 2♦ 5â™  4â™  3♦), Guy had A♦ 9♣ up against 8♥ 8â™ . The flop was Q♦ J♦ Q&clubs Turn J&spades, 5&spades. Guy wins with higher kicker.

    14:49pm – I go out in 514th place. Had an Aâ™  6â™  up against Qâ™  Q&clubs. Make a pair of 6′s with a 6♣ but that’s all. Guy’s still in though.

    14:52pm – Conversation sways from poker:-

    ruffneck 59: kaseylou r u single

    gmcgechan: ffs its online poker – not online dating

    ruffneck 59: ok

    ruffneck 59: r u single

    gmcgechan: we all agree the picture with kaseylous profile is of an attractive lady

    gmcgechan: but its not her

    Poor ruffneck doesn’t seem to know that nobody’s what they seem on the internet. I’m really a 6ft busty blonde Swedish lady, but hide behind my 22 year old pudgy Welshman persona. I get more girls this way.

    14:58pm- Guy goes out in 436th place, much to ruffneck 59′s mocking. Loses to a two pair, Aces and 5′s.

    And thus concludes the live blogging of a poker tournament, and fuck me it’s hard! I went back to clean most of it up after finishing the tournament (lucky I wrote down the major hands). If you should decide to participate in a spot of Liveblogging, do something which is a lot more sedatory, like baking a cake, or something.

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