April 9th, 2006
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Ye of Little Faith


I know what you’re all thinking…..

“You, Rhys, have given up gambling for lent. On Saturday was the biggest race of the year: The Grand National. Everybody gambles on it. I bet you stuck a few quid on, thus failing lent.”


I did watch the race however, and had an interest: I used one of those free “no strings” bets, for a website called betandwin.com (not linked to for reasons that will become clear), from a major national newspaper (which won’t be mentioned, as I don’t want the entire of Liverpool hating me – rest assured my scouse brothers, I didn’t purcahse the newspaper, I went through their website). £2 each way on 2 horses, makes up the £4 free bet.

It turned into a nice little weekend bonus: when my horse won, and another one of mine finished third. Betandwin.com – being a business – you’d think they’d hand over my “no strings” £20.25 winnings.

Not so.

You see, when I tried to withdraw said funds, they splurted back an “There’s an error, the relevant team has been notified”, which made me think that this website is the Myspace of gambling websites. Alas, no. I got an e-mail back today with a three side schpiel of their “Terms and Conditions”, basically all the reasons why they can’t give me money. I tell you, I work for an insurance company, and it’s easier to get money out of them than get money out of this website.

I’m not too pissed. I haven’t lost any money, and it’s barely over £10. Nevertheless, it’s very, very annoying and I remain in email contact (unfortunately, they are based in Austria, so any chance of firebombing their offices are out of the window, unless any Austrians read this blog. Anybody who fancies a flutter, don’t bother with betandwin.com, instead try betandwinandwewillgiveyouthemoneyyouwon.com.

Now I know why I stopped in the fucking first place.

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