May 18th, 2006
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Big Brother 7, First Thoughts: CONFUSION!!


I know that not all of my readers know or care about Big Brother, it’s very much a guilty obsession for me, because I look down on all of the people in it, without fail.

And this year, it’s going to be painful for one member of our family.

This is Bonnie, my dogling. She is gorgeous, not too annoying, and have managed to put up with her for nearly a year. She occassionally chews the furniture, and wee’s in other people’s gardens but apart from that, she’s lovable, friendly, and you wouldn’t mind waking up to her in the morning, hungover.

This is Bonnie, the first person to enter the Big Brother house this year. She is tarty, annoying, and I can’t stand her after three seconds. She probably chews the furniture, and wee’s in other people’s gardends. Because of that, she’s obnoxious, anti-social, and you would die if you woke up to her in the morning, hungover.

There are certain words that Bonnie (that is, our Bonnie), understands. “Up” means she jumps, “Lie Down” me she lies down, “Pussycat” means she sprints to the window barking and “Bonnie” makes her look at you. She can also tell what sort of mood you are in by the way that you speak. If you’re angry, she barks at you.

So, imagine poor Bonnie (that is, our Bonnie), when I spurted the following:


No suprises, I’m pulling for the Welshies, Glyn to win. Just because he is from my neck of the woods (and probably from Colwyn Bay, there aren’t that many swimming pools in North Wales), and not a total dickhead.

In Other News: Sarah asked me to post this query on my blog, regarding the last post: Shaven chests or not shaved chests?

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