May 28th, 2006
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Blockbusters Meme


I used to love Blockbusters. Still got the board game on top of my shelf and used to have the annual with an interview with His Holiness in it.

bobholnessAnyway, why I’m mentioning this? Well, Ally tagged me for a meme. It features letters, as did blockbusters, hence the tenuious link. Therefore, as it’s my blog, she’s playing the nation’s favourite grandad to my student who answers ‘orgasms’ instead of ‘organisms’.

My letter is M. For mother. 10 things that are regarding M and me are the following.

Moles: My body is completely devoid of them. Well, not completely. Got one on my belly and one above my yoohoo. Both have been covered by hair.

Materialistic: I suppose I am quite materialistic. It doesn’t make me a bad person though I don’t believe, but I do like my stuff, and my stuff to be awesome.

Macromedia: I do use their products a lot when I work, so this is going in. Had no real formal training on them too, but adapt very quickly (one of my key abilities).

Macho: I’m not in the slightest bit macho. I feel I have no need to prove the fact that I’m a man to people. Can probably put up a shelf though. This, and materialistic make me think that I’m probably gay (I’m not gay).

Male: Was, last time I checked.

Manchester United: I’m probably the shittest Man U fan around, allowing myself to be sucked in to supporting Liverpool. Probably more of a Liverpool fan now. I know how much people back home will HATE me for saying that – but you try spending 3 years in Liverpool and not be sucked in. I know somebody who has managed just that, but on the whole you pick it up. I do like Manchester though.

Memes: By and large, I hate doing memes, as it seems like “filler material” for blogs. This is an exception.

Microsoft: I have a cheque from Microsoft for around £13, and I don’t want to cash it, as it looks awesome. I’m sad like that.

Mick Foley: He’s my personal hero, and I started blogging. If you read some of my earliest work, it’s very heavily influenced by his writing. Or I’d like to think so.

Magaluf: My biggest regret was not going to Magaluf with on a mate’s stag do. Seemed like an awesome holiday. Plus I’d of been appreciated there (private comment). Apart from that I don’t regret many things.

McDonalds: I haven’t eaten McDonalds in 10 months, and counting. The “food” is making me sick just thinking about it.

Anyway, I’ve been informed that I have to tag people. If you want to continue leave a comment in the comment box and I’ll email you with a letter (if you leave your email address. Don’t and I’ll ignore you).

Proper update tomorrow, and it’s a goodun!

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