May 2nd, 2006
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Call Out The Instigators….


You know that advert for Talk Talk? The one for their free broadband service with all the people making bigger shapes? What’s the song off it called? It’s sung by a female artist, and she has probably the most beautiful voice in the world. A bit Andrea Corr like, but less Irish. I’ve tried searching on iTunes for it, and nothing’s showing up at all. Any ideas on who sung it?

Right, onto other matters. I haven’t really done much since the end of the bank holiday, just dossing around the house. I have been applying for jobs recently, but I’m getting into the same situation as I experienced last year, whereby I’m applying to loads, and not hearing anything back. Actually, it’s probably just me, I’m very impatient, and only one job has got back to me so far.

Nevertheless, I’ll be suprised if I get any of them: I messed up the covering letters, in that a lot of them I say I’m applying for “Call Centre Advisor” when they are “Administrator” positions, and vice versa. I feel like I’ve gotten stupider the last couple of days. I haven’t been placed in a poker tournament for a couple of days, and I have not been mentally with it for a couple of days now. Heaven forbid I get an interview anytime soon.

Update: Which I do. This afternoon, I’ve got an interview with a web design firm. Wish me luck!

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