May 15th, 2006
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Il, or Elle Sunglasses?


I recently purchased a pair of sunglasses off eBay. I had Aviator style ones last year which didn’t really suit me, so I decided to go for a completely different style. I went for these ones. They were listed under “Men’s accessories” and they seemed quite nice and cheap.

However, doubts were thrown into my mind when Guy (a man who is about 100 times more attuned to fashion than I am), and Tom (who’s as camp as a row of pink tents) took one look at them, and said they were “girly”. I asked the only woman besides my mum who’d give me an honest answer about them, Sarah, what she thought of them. She said they were not girly, but not macho. I wasn’t really looking for a macho, but I’ve had doubts put in my mind. So I’m asking you lot:-

Are these girly sunglasses? Do they suit me? If the general consensous is “no, yes” in that order, then I’m keeping them. If the opposite is true, then I’ll give them to a friend of mine, who likes them.

I like them, I think they suit me, just I don’t want to go around with girly specs on.

Please be honest, this is “Blogging Eye for the Welsh Guy”, not “lets be nice to Rhys” (though any comments about my mum and I’ll hunt you down).

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