May 8th, 2006
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IQ Test: Lazy Blogging!


I saw this on Fern’s blog, and I always like proving that I’m clever. As such, I decided to take part and see how much I got. Here’s my results.


Yes, I’m having an off day, nothing bad, just can’t be arsed blogging. However I’ve been a blogging dynamo recently, and I’m not prepared to lose it!

How have you all got on in this quiz? (Yes, I’m aiming that at all my friends who are still at university, and have much more important revision to do!)

Right, off to work.

EDIT: It appears that it prints that I’ve an IQ of 80 above, but I scored 148. Boy, don’t I look stupid. You see why I try and generate fresh content every day now, can’t you?

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