May 2nd, 2006
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Llandudno Show


Yesterday, I went to the Llandudno Show. It’s official title is “The Llandudno Victorian Transport Festival”, but I’m sticking with “Llandudno Show”. Reason is that for the last few years it has been less about the transport and more about the funfair, which is sprouting up along the entire of Mostyn street in Llandudno. There is still the old school victorian vehicles, but mainly it’s funfairs and carnies with dodgy games. Which is only a good thing, as those old school vehicles played havoc with the environment.

I didn’t really go on too much (bit skint at the moment), but I did have a go on the dodgems. Officially the acest ride at any funfair, I love the dodgems. I take it far too seriously – perfecting the technique to bang dodgems. However, I was a little distracted, as in car number 15, was the cutest little blonde I’ve seen in a long time. She looked around mid 20′s, and a little part of me fell in love with her. Whether that she, too, was a lone driver. Maybe it was that she had no rings on (yes, I did notice). Maybe she had the same problem with dodgems. Maybe it was the fact that she was so destinctly unchavvy with a beautiful flowery dress that hung in all the right places. I don’t know, but my heart fluttered. This time, in a good way.

What did I do about it? I did the only thing a man with a crush on a girl would do in a situation like this. I banger her brains out. After 10 minutes of constant banging, she left, walking funny, but with a huge smile on her face, and as a throwaway comment said “that’s the most fun I’ve had in ages”.

I’m talking about the dodgems, you perverts.

No, I didn’t do anything about it, because I’m pathetic, and – as the picture above suggests – am in desperate need of a haircut. Not exactly the world’s most eligible batchelor. Besides, I have toothache, and toothache puts me in a miserable mood.

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