May 27th, 2006
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Old Ways and Subways


As I’ve returned to Liverpool, it’s wierd how easy it is to slip into an old routine. Hell, playing poker whilst sitting in your boxer shorts is hardly routine, but hell I was doing that for most of yesterday. But my time in Liverpool was not about Royal Flushes in my skivvies, it also featured a lot of visits to Subway.

I first got introduced to Subway through my ex bowling captain in 2nd year. We used to go on impromptu pub crawls at around 4pm every Tuesday, and we stopped at 7pm for Subway. It was awesome times, and earned so many loyalty cards with the sub club scheme. Instead of spend them, I save them for a rainy day. I’ve still got 8 left now. There’s no time limit on them.

Is there?


The little shits! They’re removing the loyalty scheme on June 1st. Probably because they’re going on eBay for a song. I dunno. Either way, boo subway! I had 2 footlongs yesterday, and going to have another footlong today.

And they didn’t reply to my letter.

In other news: I’ve been cyber packing today. Basically, I’m moving my computer back home, so I’ve been trawling through my computer removing anything remotely dodgy. This 3 hour task has proved one thing with me: I have very little, if anything, dodgy stuff on my computer (by dodgy I mean boobies and willies, not MP3 and Emulators. I’ve tons of them). The biggest thing was the temporary internet files – 250MB that stopped on Monday 21st November 2005 – the day I installed AdBlock. Although my mum will be pleased, I suddenly feel very inadequate, so I’ve taken it upon myself to download dodgy stuff just to make me feel better. I feel more manly now.

Right, off for a subway. I’ve eaten enough Italian BMT to last me a lifetime….

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