May 11th, 2006
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Separated At Birth?


So, is the new Apprentice of Alan Sugar Michelle Dewberry (which is an odd way to spell her second name) and rubbish Kids TV presenter Kirsten O’Brien separated at birth?

I’m going to miss The Apprentice. It was an ace series. Reality TV for intelligent people. Real characters have emerged this series and: even with the shite vision mixing at the end (missed it? click the video on this page), I enjoy it so much. I both love and hate Alan Sugar, and parts of it have had me and Guy at the TV saying “Fuck me. If this is the best UK business has to offer, we’re screwed.”.

The final question: who’d win a fight between Ruth Badger and a real badger. She’s a very scary woman!

I will do a proper update tonight. Pinky swear.

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