May 19th, 2006
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The Daily Mail, utter right wing garbage, and the only paper we get at home (I’ve tried switching my mum and dad onto something less….pessimistic, but with no success), as such, I’ve used the internet for news, and the Daily Mail for the only thing it’s good at: Sudokus.

I’m usually pretty good at them, and I regularly complete the 5 * difficulty one. I was on a week-long undefeated streak, until last Wednesday, whre I got stuck.

I admit defeat, so, lets put our communal IQ’s together, and waste your day by helping me complete this sudoku! Below is how far I’ve got to. The red numbers are numbers I’ve put in.


Bung your answers in the comment box (in the style of A1: then your number). Cheers!

For those of you who have missed yesterdays entry, I ask you this question again: Shaved chests or non shaved chests?

And finally, a quick Big Brother Update (yes, I’m watching it live, so sue me): Glyn has gotten a bollocking from Big Brother for speaking yn Cymraeg to Imogen. Fwcin dysgrace! I’d fucking speak Welsh if I was in there. Christ, half of them haven’t even got a grasp on the English language yet, and I’m having a trouble understanding a lot of them.

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