May 31st, 2006
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Sucks To Be This Beautiful


How picky are you with people?

I’ve never thought of myself as being extremely picky or anything, but yesterday….I met a girl.

Honest to god, a girl.

She seed like a nice enough girl, and a grower, and she seemed interested in me. She gave me her phone number (which was a digit too long on the piece of paper she wrote for me, bless), and then lit up a cigarette.

Now, I tried to seem unaffected, but I dthink a slight turbn up off the nose. Hell, it doesn’t mean that I hate her guts. On the contrary, we’ve texted each other today.

Hindisight being the wonderful thing that it is worked out for the best already. Friends around here are a bonus (Sibley’s only back for two weeks this summer, and haven’t spoken to anybody else much), be it a girlfriend, or otherwise. That, and she is amazing at the picture rounds.

But anyway, onto the main point. Are we really so fickle about things like smoking to turn us off somebody who is otherwise, generally okay? Is it just me? Or can it be something else.

More to the point – if Lucy Pinder smoked, would I still find her attractive?

Anyway, apologies for the spazmodic and shit blogging recently, been busy with work and stuff. Blogging from inside my bed doesn’t mean that I’m brilliant!

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