May 12th, 2006
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The Apprentice


There has been a change in my posting methods recently. You may of noticed it, far more stories that could be interperated as “News”, far less stories about everybody’s second favourite Welshman, behind Huw Edwards.

This new job I teased about is based in Colwyn Bay. It’s a web design job that’s currently 3 days a week. I’ve been there just over a week now, and it’s interesting work. To find something like that in Liverpool is tricky, let alone Colwyn Bay. So in that respect I’m very happy. Of course, it does mean I’m back in Colwyn Bay indefinitely, and there are an awful lot of bitter people in Colwyn Bay (not the people I work with, just I see them around. You know the sort, collecting a giro every week, and moan because it’s so little money.).

The bad news for that is that nothing really interesting is happening in my life, or blog worthy. Something about being a depressed or out of work makes it very easy to blog. That and sex, though I’m far too much of a gentleman to do that. That, and the firm belief that you want to read anything dirty from me, you should first get your head examined.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the way things have turned out. If you would of said a month ago that I’d have a “weird heart thingy”, followed by quitting the call centre, and ending up finding a job that I want to do, that I enjoy doing and getting paid well for it, within the next month. I probably would of kicked you in the nuts (or equivalent) for being a liar. All things considered, I am very, very happy at the moment. Just nothing really blogworthy.

Except one thing: a few of my readers have read Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure, if you haven’t I suggest you do. In it he basically goes around the world meeting various people who write websites and have various googlewhacks for them. One visit is to Llandulas (a town about 3 miles from Colwyn Bay) to meet The Welsh Rarebits: Mini enthusiasts and also the googlewhack (at the time) for Rarebit Nutters.

Whilst walking through Colwyn Bay, I saw a mini adorned with “Welsh Rarebit Minis” on the top of the rear window, I just had to take a picture, didn’t I?

Of course, very few of you will appreciate this (and even fewer of you would believe me. Trust me, it does say “Welsh Rarebit Minis” on there). But those very few who do, will appreciate the amazingness of that.

Righty ho, I’m off to Liverpool for the weekend for much controlled drinking and FA Cup action. Liverpool vs. West Ham. I was in Liverpool the night they won the Champions League. Obviously I’m not expecting repeated scenes if the FA Cup is won, though it should be a good night.

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