May 3rd, 2006
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The Professional


After a 1 hour interview, and much bouncing around (including a mention of this very website – which was talked about in the interview, hence why I am mentioning this in brief), it turns out that this web design firm are interested in me and want me to come in for a few days on a trail basis. I start Friday, and with news like that, May is turning out to be a hell of a lot better than April.

Couple of other things I want to talk about. I know that should this job falls through, the one thing I can’t do is exclusive journalism. Leaving the interview, I headed over to the bus stop which is opposite the train station in the hope of catching one of the twice-in-a-blue moon buses that go to my house. There was a hell of a lot of people around the bus stop, more so than usual. Then I noticed the two fire engines, police van and ambulance. As well, there was a train in the station, and the entire station was cordoned off.

Apologies first of all for the quality of the picture, but I couldn’t be arsed crossing the road.

First thought was “Oh shit! Al-Quaid’a has struck the diamond in the North Wales Tourism Crown”*, but alas nothing that news worthy. Apparently, somebody jumped underneath a train at the station, (though BBC said he fell), and he got stuck, and he needed to be rescued. Not hugely newsworthy, but it disrupted both the train service and the bus service. As such, I had to walk home. Boo!

Today in UK are local elections. There’s been a few posts around the blogosphere about it, and it’s been on the news. As I’m not doing anything today, I thought I’d go and vote. Except it’s only on in England. So why do people say it’s a “UK” local election? Next they’ll be saying that “The UK is unhappy that England crash out of the world cup”. I will not be unhappy. There’ll be one man dancing in the streets of Colwyn Bay. Me.

Finally, whilst playing poker on Pokerstars (as usual), I have gotten over my 1 day slump, doing well in tournaments (finishing usually in the top 3 or 4). However, my greatest ever moment in poker came today, when I got a straight flush.

Read ‘em and weep!

* That’s a lie, Llandudno is the diamond. Colwyn Bay’s like a lesser jewel. Such as a amethyst, or something.

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