May 10th, 2006
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The Slims


Here’s something that’s a bit screwed for you. Maiden Love Revolution is the number 1 best seller in Japan for the PS2, and unlike other dating simulations, it’s beginning to get noterieoty. The reason? Well, it incourages weight loss. From Wired News:

The PS2 game, a best seller in Japan, starts with a snack-happy ex-beauty queen who wants to get back to her dating weight. Players assume the role of 220-pound Hitomi Sakurakawa as she struggles to slim down – mostly by restricting her diet. To advance, Hitomi must count calories and increase her exercise. The game keeps stats on her progress and ultimately rewards her conformity with a boyfriend.

Right, first thing that came through my mind was the same thing that is in your mind at the moment: “That’s just wrong!”. Second thing was quite simple: fat people can have relationships too. Hell, I had a very bitter 19th year when I saw tons of fat people in relationships. “You fat bastard”, I thought “You don’t deserve that girl, she’s far too thin for you.” (I know, it’s pathetic, and that way of thinking was one of the reasons I never got much female action. That and I fart like a trooper). Then I thought “Hell, if it makes people be healthy, then good for it”. But one thought has lodged in my mind which typifies my way of thinking.

Who the hell would buy this game?

I’m sorry, but I honestly cannot see this game being popular with either sex. For ladies, I cannot see themselves playing a game which can only make themselves feel bad about their weight (I’m speaking as no lady, but just imagine if your weight coincided with Ms. Hitomi’s weight, and something came up on the screen calling Ms. Hitomi “A Big Fat Loser”. Would make you feel horrible, wouldn’t it?).

And that leaves the blokes, and we all know what sort of women are in video games to try and appeal to us. Lets look at a few examples:-

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Kasumi from Dear or Alive

And, finally Mai from King of Fighters (who gets the honour for the first ever Animated GIF on this site)

Now, she’s joined by Ms. Hitomi.

I’m sorry, but I agree with the game. I can’t see her appealing to 99% of video game players on a sexual level.

But then again, she’s only pixels.

I would like to hear your opinions on it. Good idea? Bad idea? Neutral at those crazy Japanese?

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