May 22nd, 2006
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The World Cup Fantasy Football Tournament!


I love football me. Not as much as Rugby Union but certainly equal to (if not slightly ahead of) cricket. So therefore, in honour of this years world cup, I’ve created the first annual GATR Fantasy Football Tournament (in association with Liverpool 10 Pin Bowling Club).

The premise is simple, pick 12 players (11+1 sub) and, depending on their performance in the world cup, you score points. The player at the end of the tournament wins nothing but bragging rights for the next 4 years (and probably a link). I am going with The Metro for this tournament, reason being they have linked to me, and as far as free papers go, it’s not so bad.

Anyway, I’ll guide you through the process, from just past registration stage to joining the league, so nobody gets lost.

STEP 1: Go to and click “Register Here”


STEP 2: Fill in all the details, until you reach a page similar to below.


STEP 3: Fill in team name, favourite team (you can pick England, but it’s not big, and you’ll get laughed at), and team colours (notice my Colwyn Bay Colours). None of this makes any difference, until you get to something similar to this screen.


STEP 4: By using the drop down menus down the side, pick a team. You can have 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 strikers. The maximum you can spend is 100 points, and you can only pick one player from each team.


STEP 5: When that’s done, click on “submit team” (or something similar) and then click on “Leagues” down the left hand column. Under “Join A Private League”, enter 6989-1419, and then click Join league.

And then you’re in! May the best team win.

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