June 17th, 2006
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A Whole New Look


Hey everybody! This is the reason for the sudden drop off in the amount of posts I was blogging. Hell, I was bored, and fancied a little change of scenery, and now I have it! Taken me two or so days to do it, and I was tearing my head out towards the end. Nevertheless, it’s (nearly) there. Let me guide you through the new features.

  • The comments: found a little perl hosted script called Reblogger which allows the ease of commenting that Haloscan gives you with the added bonus of having my own comments, so they are not deleted after two weeks. This is awesome, so test it out. Some people on blogger may wish to switch to this. If you do, I can have a number of accounts hosted on my site, so give me a shout if you want to.
  • The top navigator. That will be changed soon so it’s more in keeping with the rest of the site. I’m planning on adding a few more pages to the top, and I’ve removed the “podcasts” link, as Tom said: ‘It can’t be podcasts with only one post…’. Also the about pages etc. haven’t been changed yet. They’ll be changed tomorrow sometime, when I get time.

That, and the fact that my sexy face is on display in the top right hand corner are the only two real changes. What do you guys think? Like? Don’t like? Any issues (tested it with Firefox and IE, and there have been no issues so far)? Seems to be fairly solid anyway. Drop a comment either way.

In other news: I’ve been speaking to a few people, apparently some of you missed my World Cup daily updates! Truth is my inscescent viewing in the first few games has dropped considerably since then, but I still catch the big games (i.e. England and Brazil, not the Angola vs. Mexico games). I’ll put my thoughts up soon, to catch you up to speed. This post is just to let you know I have a new template, and want your opinions on it.

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