June 20th, 2006
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One thing I didn’t mention yesterday in my book review is actually how much the book affected my perceptions on things: it’s nothing special, they generally do. Don’t Eat This Book, for example, put me off McDonalds for a very long time (still to this day), and Millions of Women…. is having a similar effect, though not putting me off something.

Oh no, it’s making me more open minded to meeting people off the internet. Before, this is the only place when I’ve been truly open, but – if you’ve ever spoken to me on Msn/Yahoo, I’m quite reserved even to you lot (unless when I’m pissed. Me and Jake had this period of about 2 weeks of randomly speaking to each other at 3 am. I was hammered, I wouldn’t like to say whether he was). Now, I’ve been spending the last few days trawling through Myspace with Guy and adding anybody who does not look insane (though, Guy, for some reason, is having more luck than yours truly. Women are drawn to him, the fucking bastard). Though it’s ultimately a bad idea, as I don’t think Myspace is the best place to meet ladies, as it seems that about 50% of people who are on Myspace are addicted to it. Nevertheless, I’m having fun. Nice to feel semi-half-quarter popular.

So if you want to add me to your myspace profiles, its http://www.myspace.com/rhyswynne.

So why am I so scared meeting people off the internet? Well, I did once, and it was a horrible experience. Wasn’t molested by a random guy, just wasn’t too great.

It was a summer, many moons ago. I frequently used to haunt the Yahoo! Chat rooms, and I was in there one day when a BlondeBarmaid21 walked – or….ummm…logged – in. I got chatting, turned out she was from Rhyl, and worked as a barmaid. After a whirlwind chat session which – suprisingly – went really well. I was off work the next day and so was she, so she said I could make the short train hop over to Rhyl to meet her.

After she was late, I met her. Can’t actually remember her name (which is bad), but she was certainly blonde. She was dressed in white Reebok pyjamas (no, I didn’t know that Reebok did pyjamas – just imagine the adverts: “Gavin Henson when in bed with Charlotte Church and not bumming her wears Reebok Powersleep, for extra performance!”), beige shoes, and brought along her snotty 12 year old brother. I was hoping for either cinema or bowling. What I got was the Arcade 2p machine. She only brought along £3, which was shared between her and her brother. I find 2p machine’s incredibly boring, so I took myself off to play Daytona I think. It was all well and good, until – like ezcema – her snotty nosed brother came over and demanded a go. As Blondebarmaid21 ran out of money, I put some in and gave him a race. Now, normal date etiquette is “let her win”, but I’ve never been like that, plus it was her brother. I would of won, had snotty nosed brother kicked me in the shin to force a takeover.

We then went onto Rhyl beach, with snotty nosed brother throwing stones at the sea. Until he got bored, and started throwing stones at the dogs.

Now, you may be thinking “well what about the girl?”. Truth be told, I was getting nowhere, and was happy staying there. She hardly said anything to me over the course of the afternoon, and she looked like an albino, caucasian Ronaldinho, but a little bit fatter too. I was holding on, but just barely. However, the next comment broke the camel’s back.

“My brother, he’s so funny, isn’t he?”

I left.

But that was three years ago. Now it’s not so bad. Think it’s partly got something to do with myspace and blogging. It’s wierd, but I almost consider some of my regular readers as friends.

Knowing the people that I know read this site, I’m sure you’ll all praise meeting people off the internet. But has anybody got any real horror stories they want to share? Those who never met anybody off the internet: would you do it? Or have I just put you off?

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