June 2nd, 2006
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Bad Taste in my Mouth


Christ! Through blogging, I get to know people I never would of met, but you don’t really know them well. I never realised so many of you smoked! I had 11 comments from 9 people. With the exception of Vicky and Tom (who both occasionally smoke), that leaves 7 people who were all pretty much anti-smoking. You could honest to god double how many emails I recieved from people who responded “I smoke, I don’t give a shit if you don’t shag me”. Both sides, and myself mis-interpreted the last post. So here’s my go at explaining myself.

I was not having a go at smoking, I was making an observation of things that put you off people. For example, one of my mates will not date anybody under 5’8″. Which I think is ridiculous. Sarah had a thing against virgins which I find understandable now, but I thoughjt was strange then. Now, it may seem strange that you aren’t going to date somebody because they smoke, because they are 5’10″, because they’re a virgin, but to me and these people, we do put limits on ourselves. I wanted to know why, plus any major turnoffs that people have.

So, now that I’ve explained myself. I apologise to all the people that were offended by my and some of those other people comments.

Onto today’s post, and no apologise will be issued for all that I say below.

The England football team. Recently they’ve been hitting the headlines for all the right reasons, and playing bloody good football. I still can’t stand them, with their “We can win” attitude, the balding beer bellied fans and – the worse song ever penned – Vindaloo. But the worst thing, by far, are those bloody car flags.

As much as I don’t like looking at them in England, I can understand, but they’ve started showing up this side of Offa’s Dyke. Now again, I understand why – a lot of English people do live here. But they’re just tacky horrible things. My mum has so far resisted them.

Until now.

On eBay there’s a company that will modify your flag for you. Say you want a crest of your favourite football team on your flag, they can print it. Mum I thought would go for the Liverpool crest, being a fan. But oh no, she got one of her other great love of her life.


HOW SHIT IS THAT?!?!? Got to be the tackiest piece of merchandise for this year’s world cup. It’s a car flag, it’s English, and it’s got Comic Sans on it! And they’re selling like hot cakes on eBay! I just don’t understand it.

The question needs to be asked: Is it only the English who put crap like this on their cars? Australia, do you have these flags? Do you drive around Paris with the Tricolore blaring out? If so, where can I get a Trinidad & Tobagan one?

In other news: in 7 days the world cup kicks off! Woo! There’s still time to join the GATR Fantasy Football League. We’re upto 15. I will kick your arses though.

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