June 25th, 2006
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End of an Era


God, it’s such a shitty corny title, but yes. Now. Officially. I’ve left Liverpool.

For good.

It did make me shed a little tear in my room, which it was for the last two years. A proper house of trouser too for the most part of it. There are stories to tell, and dates which will be forever remembered of the 4 residents 131 Albert Edward Road, and hangers on. I’m allowed to say that address, as I don’t live there anymore, so nobody can stalk me.

I’ve so many memories from the house, which I’ll share with you now. I’ll explain as many as possible, but some I’ll leave be, as they’re not that interesting…..you just had to be there.

  • Landing Cricket. A derivative of cricket played with a tennis ball, clothes horse and a piece of guttering. You need a landing also. We got bollocked for this one.
  • The time I bought a Sega Saturn with Athlete Kings. We spent far too much time playing that game. Some housemates more than others.
  • The day we had the new leather sofas, and made a den.
  • The Kiddies Party
  • The bookcase of doom.
  • Stairs Golf. Which involved chipping a golf ball as high as possible up our stairs, and getting it to stay there.
  • Wall Darts. Kind of a bit like “pin the tail on the donkey”, but more destructive.
  • Mayogate.
  • Silly bugger SaturdayBut the one day that sticks forever in my mind? December 7th, 2004. Lying on Guy’s, watching TV with Guy and Paul (in a totally straight way).

    Paul: So where were you last night?Rhys: Oh, some places.

    Paul (Smiling now): You didn’t.

    Rhys: I did.

    Paul: You didn’t.

    Rhys: I did.

    Paul: Did you?

    Rhys: Yeah.

    Paul: Ah. Nice one!

    If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand.

    I think there the things that stick out most in my mind. Anybody think of anything else? (Know that’s more mates than anybody else)

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