June 19th, 2006
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Millions of Women are Waiting To Meet Me….


I finally finished that book I started ages ago: Millions of Women Are Waiting To Meet You. It was my train book: a lighthearted read which I could read on train journeys, drop it at the end of the journey, and continue it a week later or so, and be able to retrace my steps through it (some books I read don’t allow that: Jarhead, it’s your general direction I’m looking at, though I’ve lost you in my room somewhere). A few of you have been asking what I thought of this book, so here goes.

First and foremost, the actual (real life) story behind it, is very amusing. The Author – as an assignment – is sent to research internet dating for a magazine article – 10 months later he reports back on his findings, which involves various women with varying levels of success. I don’t want to go too much into the actual story, as this is only a very small part of the book, spread out throughout the course of it.

The main part of the book is an indepth look into the male psyche: what makes it tick and how we, as a gender, are all pretty much the same overall. Why porn is addictive, why we are obsessed with lesbians, what’s it like to shag a celebrity, and why – as a gender – we cannot find certain people attractive based on certain kinks (I was reading this part of the book when I wrote the post about smoking, hence why it reminded me of it). This is splattered with stories from the authors past, which range from the depressing, to the very, very funny (I was on the train from Colwyn Bay to Liverpool when I read the line “Yes mum, I wanked my way into hospital”. This takes third spot in the greatest sentances ever poll).

Not just all about how men are arseholes, women are too. He meets some idiots (the girl who took him on an amazing date then never contacted him again struck a chord with me), and meets some real gems of women. Here’s one for regular reader (and best friend) Tom.

I really liked her profile because it was funny and oblique and she said she had a penchant for Flash Gordon the film, and she said she wanted to meet a guy who can match her “Brian Blessed obsession” and really wanted someone to say “Gordon’s Alive” in crucial sexual moments

If the girl who inspired that passage is reading this, I will introduce you to Tom, who will not only shout “Gordon’s Alive!” for you, but will probably shout “DIIIIIIVVVVEE” as he’s going down on you too.

If you haven’t watched Flash Gordon, you probably have no clue, so back to where I was.

I reccommend this book if you’re not a serious reader. However, the last chapter lets it down, which breaks away from the usual amusing failure into something akin to a Mills & Boon novel. But I’m a bloke, if you like Pride & Prejudice you’d probably like the ending, as it’s a bit sickly lovey duvey.

It’s also very pornographic in places, so if you find anything more than – say – a man talking about his willy offensive, then you probably won’t like it.

But, if you have a strong stomach, it’s well worth reading. I enjoyed it, and it was only really the pixellated cover which first attracted me to this book.

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